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Painted scene on the walls of the Palace of Justice, Klung Kung. That's what happens to you if you're a villain...Painted scene on the walls of the Palace of Justice, Klung Kung.Guardian in the Palace of Justice in Klung Kung. Demons have to be fought with demons. You can tell it's a demon by the long and sharp teeth and the big eyes.Palace of Justice, Klung Kung.Offerings in the Palace of Justice, Klung Kung. Offerings for the Gods are always placed on top of something, whilst offerings for the Demons  have to be put on the floor.Snake guardian watching over the ancient temple Goa Lawah, the bat cave.Eva and Mario in front of the the entrance to the second court of the Goa Lawah temple.
Tenganan, village of the ancient pre-Hinduist Balinese people Bali-Aga. Only two such villages still exist on Bali.Guardian at Besakih temple.
Besakih temple or mother temple. This is the biggest   and most important temple on Bali, located on the foot of the Agung volcano.Besakih temple.Besakih temple.Besakih temple.Besakih temple.
Large gecko. When we first heard its really very loud sound, we just couldn't figure out what it was. We thought of birds and frogs, but never imagined it would be a gecko!Naughty monkeys at the temple Ulu Watu. The guy whom they had taken the glasses from wasn't very pleased, as you can imagine. We, on the contrary, were quite happy about the great picture!Pura Luhur Ulu Watu in the very South of Bali. This temple watches over the evil powers of the sea.Cliffs at Ulu Watu in the very South of Bali.Pensive monkey at Ulu Watu.Ganesha statues guarding a portal at Pura Luhur Ulu Watu.Baby monkey with its mother at Ulu Watu temple.
Blooming Frangipani tree.Rice fields.Rice terraces and the silhouette of Batur volcano in the background.Statue of Hanoman, the monkey God.Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu, one of very few temples with holy springs.Batur volcano in the caldera of an old giant volcano, which is said to have had the height of more than 7000 meters.
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