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Sizilien 2003
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The «Osteria Da Mariano» is a typical Sicilian restaurant where you will eat excellent homemade pasta. Don Mariano will treat you personally, trust him, he will know what is good for you.Ortigia.Siracusa.Ortigia, Siracusa.A spanish tower near the old greek theatre, Siracusa.
Eva taking pictures of flowers blooming in the «Parco Archeologico» of Siracusa.Parco Archeologico, Siracusa.Basilica di San Giovanni, Siracusa.Fontana di Artemide, Ortigia, Siracusa.Duomo S. Maria delle Colonne, Ortigia, Siracusa.
Detail in the church of S. Nicolò, Noto.Noto.Noto.Temple of Concordia, Agrigento.Ignore where Mario is pointing at. The red arrow indicates the actual object he wanted to present to the audience: The Temple of Concordia, Agrigento.
Temple of Concordia, Agrigento.Temple of June, Agrigento.Temple of Hercules, Agrigento.Temple «E», Selinunte.Temple built in 425 BC, Segesta.
Façade detail, Érice.Èrice.Érice sits on top of rock on 400m.a.s.l. The clouds rush through the small medieval town like ghosts, thus the weather can change within minutes. The picture on the right was shot only 13 seconds after the one on the left, actually.The world's most beautiful sign to lead you to the public restrooms. (Èrice.)Eva admiring the campanile and the dome of Érice.
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