This is the picture gallery of our honeymoon on the beautiful Seychelles. We spent 5 days on the island of La Digue and another 8 days on Praslin, where we did our diving certificate. As this was our wedding gift, we'd like to thank all the people who contributed to it. We had the most fantastic time!

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Looking down at Paris on our flight from Zurich to ? - Paris!Spooky old graveyard in Union Estate Park, La Digue.Look closely, see all the spiders? There were many more than just the few ones on this picture.Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue.
Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue. In case it seems familiar, this is where they filmed Robinson Crusoe and the Baccardi commercial.Palm trees in the Union Estate Park on La Digue.Mr. Spider, a large silk spider, completely harmless to humans.Anse Sévère, La Digue, our almost private beach.
View from Bellevue, La Digue, about 330 meters above sealevel. When we asked a Seychellois for the way, he gave us directions but repeatedly warned us «ça monte», «mais ça monte». By now we know Seychelles roads are STEEP, combined with 80% humidity and 30°C you can imagine we weren't at our nicest looks when we arrived on top. Vraiment, ça monte!Grand Anse, La Digue.Doesn't this granite formation just look like a lizard's head?Trekking the Seychelles.Dense jungle on La Digue.
Enjoying the surf of Grand Anse, La Digue.Mr. Banana.Hiking the Seychelles.Driving out for Snorkelling at Coco Island and Félicité.